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Shetland Summer Photography Tour


From 2000€




Group of up to 8 participants


8 Days


Accessible for all


Shetland Nature's unique wildlife photo-tour, showcasing the very best of the islands spectacular wildlife, during the most special period of the summer, known as the simmer dim;. Written by a native Shetlander with over 30 years experience of the islands and their wildlife- led by esteemed local guides for an unparalleled Shetland experience.
This tour prioritises assignments at the very best locations such as Sumburgh Head, Noss and Hermaness but goes well beyond with the exhilarating opportunity to photograph diving Gannets at point blank range from a boat. Arguably however, the star attraction (and our signature species is the Otter. To facilitate the chance of this notoriously difficult species photographers are paired off on assignment with an additional guide on otter rotations throughout the week.
And always during summer, there is a decent chance of Orca. We have successfully connected with this awesome sea mammals on most recent Simmer Dim tours – if we receive news and it is logistically possible, we do our best – for this one, we hope for a bit of luck !
Led by photographers with intimate knowledge of the islands and their wildlife the itinerary is structured in such a way that guests get the best opportunities, with the best wildlife at the
best times. With this in mind the itinerary needs to remain flexible, where logistically possible. Weather, (for better or for worse) may for example change plans, be it for a sunrise or sunset shoot or a reschedule sailing time of boat trip.

Trip details

L’itinéraire diffère selon le séjour choisi. Lors du séjour sur Mainland, nous profitons davantage des festivités du grand festival Up Helly Aa et des animations proposées à Lerwick, la capitale des Shetland. L’observation et la photographie de la faune se fait principalement sur Mainland. Le séjour à Unst se fait en gîte. Nous privilégions davantage les contacts avec les autochtones. L’observation de la faune se fait sur Unst, Yell et sur Mainland. La fête de Up Helly Aa est bien moins importante mais très sympathique.

L'itinéraire au quotidien restera flexible afin que nous profitions au maximum de notre temps sur le terrain, en fonction de la météo et de la   luminosité. Les espèces suivantes seront notre priorité tout au long de la visite.

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